Old Art & Sketches

Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals. ― E. James Rohn

A cutesy attempt at a digital painting for my girlfriend. Give me some credit for originality!

I have, on occasion, been known to sketch. I absolutely love doodling and drawing when I have a pencil in my hand. I think I could be pretty good at it, and I can easily lose two or three hours when I do get around to it. The trouble is, any kind of artistic practice has been short lived, and now you’re looking at a 27 year old man that can produce a pretty decent copy in pencil, but has no idea of forms, shading, colour, composition, art materials, and all the cool things we scroll through on Instagram.

This year, I’d like to change that. I have nothing in my creative bank. I have to go back to bare bones. Learn to sketch animals, structures, nature. Learn the anatomy and form of different creatures. Begin to simplify and stylise those things, once I have a firm grasp of how they look and behave in my mind. I’d like to experiment -properly- with different mediums. You don’t even want to see what paper looks like after I’ve hacked at it with a brush!

My artistic goals are to be proficient and confident enough in myself, to create wonderful cover images for each of my posts over here. I’d love to have a site that is entirely filled with not only my words, but my art too. Beyond that, I’d like to create some simple but pleasing illustrations to pan through, while reading original children’s stories on YouTube.

Here’s the part where I dump whatever scans I’ve found of my old drawings. Some are decent enough, others are downright crap. Before that, here’s what you can expect from me, over the next year, with regards to art. I don’t want to over commit, and to be honest, with the writing commitments at the moment, I haven’t got much time to. Either way, this time next year, I should be considerably better than I am now.

  • Figure sketches
  • Illustrative copies
  • Weekly illustration
  • Monthly Scrawlr Box challenge
  • Daily doodles

I’ll keep posts to a minimum: probably a collection at the end of each week. Alternatively, you could follow my Instagram account for (almost) daily updates and drawings.

And there we are… everything I could find! Here’s to progress 🍸 If you like my more personal, blog style posts, and enjoy getting to know me and my life a little better, please check out some of the following posts 🙂


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