Mr. Nowhere -Free Flash Fiction

In the darkest region of your mind, you give him life. That small spark of creation, the tiny curiosity that resides in the hearts of all mankind, breathes shape into him. Your fear, and your doubt, and your hate, gifts him more life. He’s here now. He’s watching. He knows you know.

He’s the figure that moves in your peripheral, and the ghastly nothingness left behind when you turn your head to catch him. He’s the shadow in the corner of the room, darker than all other shadows—so dark and dense you know it has form. He’s the whisper in your ear, the tingle of breath over your shoulder. He’s almost a part of you.

He’s the overwhelming feeling of heaviness when you have your back turned to the room, the sense of eyes on you while you go about your home alone. He’s the paper that drops from the fridge behind you while you lean into the dishwasher to collect your cutlery. He’s the answer to all the questions you never dare ask. The doubting, the brush-offs, the ‘ahh it must be the wind’s.’

Every footstep you hear behind you when you walk down the hall, that’s him too.

When you walk beneath the moonlight, and the street lights cast an eery orange in the cold fog around you, he is what follows just out of sight. He is what looms around each corner, what watches from behind every bush. He stalks your most horrific dreams, orchestrating your terror like a puppeteer pulling the strings.

He is the voice that tells you to give up. To just let it go and give in to nothingness. Every deep, dark, frightening thought that enters your mind, is his coercive tongue massaging your ear.

He’s why the kids wont go to bed—why they say they’re scared when we say they’re being silly and need to go to sleep. He stands in the corner while you plead with them, smirking over your shoulder. He’s the creature that stalks them while you’re getting your downtime, the figure they squeeze their eyes closed tight to ignore. He rustles their covers and scrapes the underneath of their beds while they sob themselves into an uneasy sleep.

He hovers above you, only an inch from your face while you lay your head back in the bath to rinse the shampoo from you hair. He’s the creak across the hallway that’s always ‘just the pipes,’ that hideous feeling of terror on a windy night. He’s the stillness between breaths in the dark, the monster in the garden, staring up at your bedroom window until you fall asleep.

You’ll feel him at his most powerful in a thunderstorm, when the world shakes and the sky cracks open. He’s there, in the dark, whenever you’re not looking. He’s the figure just outside the reaches of the flickering candlelight as you make your way to the fuse box. He’s the roar of the heating as the boiler flicks on in the middle of the night.

He feeds off you in the day, leeching your life away with every small seed of doubt. In the dark is where he thrives. He looms over the bed every time you close your eyes, silently begging you to open them. When you do, he dematerialises and hides in the shadows, leaving just a feeling behind. A frequency. You can feel him, you can almost hear his vibration, but he hides just out of sight.

Showing himself to you would be less fun than this. He wants your pulse raised, your breathing shallow, and your mind racing. He wants you convincing yourself that it’s just your imagination until you pull the covers tighter around you and close your eyes once more.

He is here now. Watching. Waiting. Just beyond the light of your screen. Hungry for your terror. He’s under your bed while you read this, or resting his head on the pillow beside you. He’s in the corner of the room, or scratching at the glass of your window. He’s just behind the office door, or in the bathroom at school. He is everywhere, waiting for you to pretend he isn’t. Waiting for you to pretend he doesn’t exist.

Don’t let him know you know. Don’t let him see.

You’ll only make him angry.

Apologies in advance if I’ve made you feel uneasy… I didn’t want to. He made me do it. If you leave a comment and let me know what you thought, He might just leave you be for a while. Have you had much trouble with Him in the past? Where does He commonly crop up in your life? I’m eager to know how He stalks your days and nights.

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