Little Red Part 5: Reunited.

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The first cohesive thought Rob had was concerned with his daughters skin. It couldn’t be called a white—it was more… drained of all colour. Pristine and perfect, like untouched snow against the violent red of her lips. The tangled curls of ruby that exploded out from her scalp had more fullness and volume than they ever had before, the curls longer and shinier. He remembered battling that hair with a tangle-teaser each morning before school, relived every moment he caught a knot and her head slung back with an irritated moan. Now you could run your fingers through it and it would fall perfectly and naturally, like big, bright ribbons.

His second string of thoughts were consumed with the state of her. Naked and soaked, her body as white as her little shining face but for the patches of blood that surrounded vicious bite marks and cuts all over her, most notably the two piercing holes at her neck.

Then he saw her eyes, her fiery eyes. Intense and frightening, the eyes of something demonic. Menacing. Measured. Thirsty. 

Before he could so much as blink TJ was out the door and had Abigail in her arms.

“TJ Don’t!” She shot him a puzzled, angered look and carried her inside, cradled like a baby. That was not his baby.

“Oh of course, Abi,” she cried, “Of course we can play. Where have you been!? Oh what happened to you, darling? You’re hurt! We’ve been worried sick.” 

She whisked her into the kitchen and plonked her down in a chair that she kicked out from under the table. Whatever creature she cradled stared at him from over her shoulder the whole while. Amused. 

TJ rushed from the chair to the medicine cupboard, pulling out masses of plasters and bandages while Rob dragged his heels down the hall. What is that thing? It’s not his daughter. Evil intent streamed off the creature.

“TJ, that’s not Abigail.”

“What are you talking about Rob!? Go and sit down you idiot. You’re in shock.” She went to the sink and poured a huge glass of water, then immediately went to filling a large salad bowl with warm water and salt, her hands shaking all the while. The dead girl maintained her amused stare, red eyes fixed with focus. The dim spotlight framed her face in a terrifying shadow. 

He hovered in the hall, ready to run as far as he could. “Listen to me TJ. You know that thing is not you’re daughter. I need you to come here now.”

She slammed her hand down on the drainer. Cutlery and plates scattered all over the place in a hideous clanging of metal, plastic, and china. The creature moved, fast and fluid like liquid smoke. 

“ROB! Eno-” Her words were silenced with a sudden choke. The last thing TJ saw was a pallid, bloody hand sticking out through the center of her stomach. Rob watched as she fell to the floor, the creature turning to him. His gaze locked on those feral, hungry eyes. He tried to run, but she was locked around his neck before he had a chance to turn, impossibly strong.

He watched as her face contorted into a hideous thing of evil, all scraps of innocence and beauty replaced with a demonic ugliness. All in an instant, her mouth stretched inhumanly wide to reveal sharpened, animalistic teeth. Her cheek bones all but popped out from under her skin, her brow sharp and prominent, pushing the skin above her nose into deep crevices that cast her blood red eyes in thick, ghastly shadow. He felt those teeth tear into his neck, then the flesh round his collarbone. A burning pain rendering him unable to act. He fell to the floor with her ravaging him all the while. Her long, jagged claws tore his chest into thick, bloody shreds of skin and muscle His ribs had never felt open air before. The freakish cold of air on bone was what finally pushed him into unconsciousness. 


The doorbell. 

Abigail drifted to the door, opening it quickly.

The rain had stopped now, leaving nothing but darkness and moonlight.


A tall silhouette loomed in the doorway before her. The man in the window. Her maker. Her new master.

“Come in, grandpa, daddy will be so happy when you wake him up!”

The End…

For Now. So, naturally when a writer says he’s gonna write 31 open/closed short pieces he ends up with a 5000+ word undertaking that he just hasn’t got the time to go properly flesh out. This story started to tell itself, and I love it and the characters. That said, it’s not masterfully done. This whole story in it’s entirety is the most draftiest of drafts, and I can’t wait to go back through at the end of the event to weed out all the passive voice, reword some of the sentences, redo some of the descriptions, add more tension to the tension and more emotion to the emotions, and so on. Let me know what you thought of the story in the comments. What did you love? What did you hate? Remember, the whole lot is coming down 10th Nov, so now’s your chance to enjoy it, influence it, and support it!

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Author: Gary Holdaway

A multi genre author of short stories and novels, writing a curious mix of quick online reads and lifestyle posts.

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