Colony 81- Quick Online Reads

In the unity left behind the Utopian launch, all religion has become one. In the unity of all religion, the voice of the earth has been heard by the people. In the voice of the earth, Jonah Reeves has discovered something amazing. Something powerful. Something dangerous.

The Fury Of The Godless- Quick Online Reads

The northmen came ashore along a terrifying storm, their dragon-fronted ships illuminated by angular cracks of lighting. The clouds thundered with violence and aggression, their satanic false-gods shuddering the ground around the monastery. Gwain had seen many men in his years—both through war, and through his work with the church—but none as ghastly and gigantic […]

The Man In The Hat- Quick Online Reads

When Danny’s passenger flight is unnaturally struck by multiple lightning strikes, there’s only one thing in his mind. The man in 3A. The man in the hat. The man that winked at him, and whispered into his mind.

Guest Post: The Cabin

Originally posted on beetleypete:
I am delighted to be able to present a guest post from a young British writer, Gary Holdaway. Here is his own short bio. A young writer from the UK with big ideas, and an even bigger passion for words. A multigenre author of both novels and short fiction, Gary has…