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Due to the years of effort and hard work put into developing my style, and the care and attention I place on delivering exactly what you want, my ghostwriting prices sit at a flat professional rate of £0.05 per word. However, depending on the project at hand, independent quotes may be submitted to take into account various factors such as bundles, repeat work, royalties agreements, or personal circumstances.

This becomes especially apparent when working on much larger projects, for instance novels, trilogies, or traditionally published works. Can you imagine if somebody had ghost written the Harry Potter novels for £2500 – £3000 a piece? He/she’d be kicking themselves now! If I receive a particular query that rings all my bells, I may propose an offer whereby we mutually benefit from the work as time goes by, creating considerable risk on my part. That said, without risk, there is no reward! And of course this deal would by no means negate the ‘ghostwriting’ part of the arrangement. Work and copyrights will always be under the complete ownership of the client.

Flat-rate Ghostwriting

For the most part, my flat-rate ghostwriting prices will stick at £0.05 per word and will always be rounded down to the nearest 100 words. I’m not one to start chucking extra £2.25s on you or scrimping the perfect closing sentence because you only paid for 1000 words. I’m not petty, and by the time we’re working together I’m wholly invested in the work and your satisfaction with it. For a quick reference, here’s some typical word-counts and prices.

  • 300 words: £15
  • 600 words: £30
  • 1000 words: £50
  • 2500 words: £125
  • 5000 words: £250

Remember, prices can vary depending on the project at hand, personal circumstances, difficulty etc. This is a typical estimate to my ghostwriting prices to help guide your expectations.

Royalties Based Ghostwriting

If you’d like to offer me royalties based ghostwriting instead of the typical set-prices for a specific project, feel free to pitch it to me, though more often than not the answer will be a respectful but resounding no. I like what I do. To write and hand it over to the client for them to do with what they will is great for me. It allows me the freedom to work in various genres and styles without impacting the voice or integrity of my own personal brand. Lots of factors are taken into account when making a decision like that, and is often tied directly to things like sales expectations, publishing potential, marketing reach, and brand presence.

A ‘yes‘ would typically come from my personal attachment and investment to the pitched idea, and as said, would bring considerable risk for me in particular. That said, I’d move mountains to help market, advertise, and push the success of the project in question in that instance.

Let’s say a beloved Instagram influencer comes to me with six-million followers, and he/she wants to write their biography with me on a royalties basis. The answer would likely be yes. Whereas a blogger with a couple thousand fans split across various social media platforms could quite easily get a no. Don’t let that dishearten you though. I’m always in the market for opportunity, and am more attached to people and projects over figures and sales projections anyway. So pitch away!

A final note

I’m happy to accept offers from anyone, at anytime, regarding submissions of work with my name attached to them. It’s not ghostwriting, per se, but it may be what you’re looking for. I am always open to anthologies, magazines, guest posting, and joint projects.

With all that said and done, I’m finally out of words! Hopefully you’re ready to submit your query, and are clued up in what to expect from our working together. I look forward to hearing from you!

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