How Does Ghostwriting Work?

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The process of ghostwriting is quite simple, and it all begins with a simple email from you. Once we’ve made contact, we can talk over and discuss all ideas and angles until you’re happy to move forward with the work.

  • Reach Out: Sending a basic query email couldn’t be easier. Use the form on the Submit Your Query page and open a line of communication with me.
  • Discuss Your Needs: From there we’ll have a few back and forth emails, or communicate in any way you prefer. We can use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, whatever! We’ll chat out whether I’m the right fit for the project and toss around ideas. Once we’ve stabilised the project on a set of foundations we’re happy with, the real work begins.
  • 50% Payment: Think of this as a deposit, or a display of trust on both sides. We’ve spent some time building upon the original idea and you’re happy to put me to work. Great! From experience, a ‘half upfront, half on completion‘ style system works best for this kind of arrangement. I benefit from half the total price so know that I’m not writing away for nothing, and you get to hold back the other half until you’re satisfied with the work completed. Win/win for both parties!
  • Creation: I’ll immediately get to work on bringing your vision to life. We’ll have already discussed deadlines and all the rest, so it’s really a matter of putting in the hours and the work to create something you can be truly proud of.
  • Finalising The Project: With the work out the way and delivered to you, we can take a final look at the end product and go through a round of revisions, if any are to be made at all. Rest assured once final payment is made all copyrights are yours and my name never need be mentioned to anybody, and I wipe myself clean of the entire project with my confidentiality promise.

And that’s really it! Ghostwriting is, and always will be, a collaboration between writer and client. Without the initial vision, the work would never exist!

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