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My personal ghostwriting journey began in 2017 over on Fiverr, where I worked my way through over 50 clients with specific needs and built up a ton of ghostwriting experience. Each client left a five-star review and used my services repeatedly, building a level of trust and consistency they’d never found on Fiverr previously.

As much as I love and respect the Fiverr platform for kickstarting my career, I knew I needed to venture away from it to represent the level of professionalism i wanted to offer my clients. And here we are!

Of course, I can’t give specific details about my ghostwriting work without betraying the trust of my clients, but I can give you a snapshot view of the types of work completed over the past few years.

  • Blogging Ghostwriting: My first and most common writing requests have been blog-post based, be they individual, unrelated posts, or a string of 5-10 interconnected pieces. If you’re interested in blog work specifically (Posts, SEO, Silos, Pages, EBooks) head back to Freelance Writing Services and navigate through to the Blog Content Writer section.
  • Fiction Ghostwriting: I’d say my most common fiction requests were that of children’s stories, specifically for creative individuals like animators and illustrators. I love to work alongside artists with rich visions for their story, especially if they have some artworks already made to help with inspiration!
  • E’zine Genre Fiction: Oftentimes I’d be approached by magazine publishers looking for a little extra work to pack out their issues. These briefs are often much looser, and I have more freedom to explore ideas and characters that I chose, so long as the tone fits the journal! Occasionally these haven’t been ghostwritten at all, and my name is out there attached to a piece of original fiction!
  • Creative Nonfiction: Another common request, and one I absolutely love to receive, are nonfiction recreations of the clients life or particular part of their life. I’ve yet to help write a full biography, but I’ve breathed life into individual memories or situations and immortalised them through vivid storytelling. I love working closely with clients for work like this. People are so interesting, and have a million stories to tell if we only sat to listen!

So there’s a little snapshot of my freelance writing work for you, and I hope it gives you some confidence in the level of quality and care to expect when working with me.

I’m ready to help bring your ideas to life! Let’s move on to some basic pricing structures and get started on your project!

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