What Is Ghostwriting?

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It’s Nothing Spooky, I Promise!

Ghostwriting is a process by which you submit your idea or requirements to an active freelancer, and receive the work you’ve paid for, all of it’s copyrights included, without having to mention the creator’s name anywhere in the piece. It’s your own little secret, and doesn’t involve ghosts, hauntings, or creepy midnight phone calls in any way!

It may be that you are a blogger who’s reach and responsibilities have grown to the point of needing help with your content production, or it may be that you have an epic story to tell without the time, skills, or means to tell it effectively.

Whatever the reasons for wanting to hire a ghostwriter, the relationship built between writer and client is typically one of trust and respect, and an ongoing relationship is often struck between the two. Once you’ve turned to someone else for help with your content, it’s better to keep the tone, style, and flow of the ghostwritten pieces the same.

My Most Common Ghostwriting Requests

  • A series of interconnected blog posts
  • Fictional pieces for magazines, print, or publication
  • Ebooks, landing pages, and marketing copy
  • Professionally rewriting rough draft
  • Writing to a specific brief
  • Creative nonfiction (often personal stories & biographies)

Believe it or not, the work of a ghostwriter has often begun before they’ve written a single word. Research is vital in ghostwriting to ensure the client’s full satisfaction with the work, so I take the time to read, search, and ask questions on the subject in question to get a feel for the overarching themes. I even go to the lengths of studying pieces of work you may have produced in the past to replicate the tone and style as best as possible.

It’s all well and good being able to write well, but without a firm understanding and a broad knowledge of the subject matter, writing can easily come off flat and matter-of-fact. Put simply, who enjoys that?

My ghostwriting services blend your needs and requirements with personal research and a unique perspective to create professional, flowing work you can be proud of!

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