Interview with Mary T Bradford

In this interview, Mary offers us an insight into the publishing process through sharing her own experiences with us, and gifts an interesting and unique piece of flash fiction at the end.


The Man In The Hat- Quick Online Reads

When Danny’s passenger flight is unnaturally struck by multiple lightning strikes, there’s only one thing in his mind. The man in 3A. The man in the hat. The man that winked at him, and whispered into his mind.

Tips For Starting A New Blog

Closing out my first week here on Wordpress, I’ve accumulated 35 followers, published a couple of lifestyle posts, an art post, and guest posted to a fellow bloggers site. I’ve managed to build a couple of relationships and made an active attempt at engaging with the community. Its been fun, busy, frustrating, worrying, and exciting. I have more posts in the works, some literary magazine submissions being concocted in the background, and more plans than time to manage it all! Overall, I feel my first week has been a success, so here’s some tips to help you survive the early stages of your blogging venture.