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For The Love of Words

I love nothing more than sharing free fiction online with a growing community of budding authors, bloggers, and readers! Challenging myself with various lengths of work, basing a piece on a specific prompt, and experimenting with style keeps my mind sharp and my skills ever-improving, directly strengthening my pieces for sale and submission!

Beyond that, I love to read, and I make it my mission to help others find that passion for reading too. I share reviews of all the books that carry me from cover to cover. If they lose me somewhere between, they don’t make it into my reviews. Simple!

Take a look around at this collection of more causal work, and if you decide you want to support the site in exchange for some member exclusive benefits, head on over to my Patreon page! There’s tiers for exclusive flash fictions, seasonal E’zines, early releases, community polls, a private community, and more! Be sure to follow this site and check back regularly for fresh stories and ramblings!

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Sitting by a post box on an overcast day, reading The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce.

Book Reviews

I love to read, and I believe many more people would too if they just made the time to fully suspend themselves within the pages of a good book! The book reviews here are more a collection of praises for those books that have carried me cover to cover.

Free Flash Fiction

Bitesized chunks of fantasy and fiction with fresh characters, worlds, and stories to explore, all in the time it takes to eat a sandwich? Count me in! This is my absolute favourite (yet most challenging) type of fiction to write.

GD Holdaway’s Epicinium

Welcome to Epicinium, an ever expanding world set after the events of Ragnarok. Enjoy the trials and tribulations of the Gods as they traverse their rebirths, attempt to reclaim their power, and navigate a world shared with all the races of the nine realms.